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Takedown notices:

You must make written notification of a copyright infringement to via the accessible contact method listed at [] and include the information specified in Section 512(c)(3) of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act in its entirety.

Write a proper DMCA notice by including the following details:

a) Provide a physical signature (if the document is in paper form) or electronic signature identifying yourself as the owner of the copyrighted work or exclusive rights that you feel were violated (when it is in electronic form).

a) Identify the copyrighted work that you feel is being violated, or if a large number of works are being violated, provide a list of the works that you believe are being violated.

c) Provide web URLs on the site that lead to the materials that violate your intellectual work in order to pinpoint their placement. Please just send a list of web URLs; do not send any attached photos, PDFs, or other file types. The best method to speed up the processing of your request is to include all URLs in the letter body.

d) Include a list of your contact details, such as your name, home address, cell phone number, and email address. Please indicate your relationship with the copyright holder if you are acting on their behalf (e.g attorney, vendor, agent).

e) Indicate your “good faith opinion” that the copyright owner, its agents, or the law have not given permission for you to use the aforementioned item.

b) Under penalty of perjury, affirming that the data in the notice is accurate. “I swear, under pain of perjury, that the information in the notification is accurate and that I am the (copyright) owner or am authorized to act on behalf of the owner of an exclusive right that is allegedly infringed,” should be written in the notification as a part of this.

English only, please. Any emails sent in a different language will be deleted.

Your Proper DMCA Notice must be sent to the Designated Agent of via [] in order to exercise your DMCA rights.

The processing of the DCMA notification may be delayed if all of the aforementioned information is omitted.
Please be aware that anybody who willfully misrepresents that content or activity is infringing may be held liable under Section 512(f) of the DMCA.

The material that is allegedly infringing or the target of infringing behavior will be removed or made inaccessible as soon as receives the necessary notification of a claim of copyright infringement.

Please be aware that may not always notify the reporter of takedown confirmations. Give the matter a reasonable number of days to be examined. You are welcome to email us again if you believe that a required action has not been taken in a reasonable amount of time, and we will review the matter.

Please be aware that reports containing inaccurate information will be ignored, including reports of removed pages. reporting irrelevant pages that are not covered by the DMCA (pages without videos or external links). general inaccurate reporting